Sunday Sevens 24 

With the events that have been happening so close to home over the past weeks it shows how precious life is.  The pic above is the beautiful sky above the Thames in Surrey last night. Less than an hour later the terrible events further up the river changed so many lives forever. 

We can’t let the bad few rule the love and compassion of the many. So many of the emergency services & members of the public have shown so much courage. 

I have chosen that I need to try to carry on as normal so here’s my Sunday Seven 

We have been making changes at our salon so our retail area now stocks lots of jewellery & displays a few items of the fashion range from a neighbouring business. Hopefully in the future I’ll add some of my own makes. 

One of my clients Is an artist & invited us to a gallery open evening in Dartmouth to see her work. I loved it but forgot to take a pic☹️ I was distracted by the free wine but the theme of the exhibition was Trees. So many amazing pieces but if you would like to take a look at the work we went to see then please take a look at  Sarah‘s instagram. After the viewing we sat & ate fish & chips by the water  

We are off to Glastonbury in a few weeks & this time we are staying in a tent😱 so we thought be better test first!

The garden is looking a little overgrown at the moment but there are still some beautiful flowers 

I haven’t run since December but today felt like the day to start again. After parking & walking to Hampton Court Palace we went along the Thames Path. Mr B ran & I ran/walked for the 4 miles to Kingston. Saw this duck proudly sitting in its nest! 

Actually it wasn’t as bad as I expected…maybe that’s because I knew there was a fabric shop at the end. 

Shopping complete it was time to walk back, stopping for a selfie on Kingston Bridge. 

And back to out reward of tea & cake at the Lock Keepers Cafe. I must have walked/run the calories before I ate it mustn’t I?? 😃


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