Festival time

This year we were lucky enough to get tickets for Glastonbury so had to make something to mark the occasion! 

My friend Linda was also going & she does like a T-shirt (I can imagine her laughing as she reads this as it’s an ongoing joke) so decided on making her something for her birthday. 

I happened to come across this great Free vest pattern a little while ago & as the weather was actually forecast to be sunny I thought I’d give it a go. With just 2 pattern pieces & straps made from the elastic edging it was a relatively quick make. I hadn’t used fold over elastic before so practiced with some off cuts first but it was easier than I expected. 

This Fabric just said festival to me so decided I had to have a matching top too! 

Just so we didn’t forget where we were i added some embroidery on the back. 

I wasn’t sure how my embroidery machine would work on a stretch fabric but using a dissolvable interfacing it worked perfectly and once soaked in water this disappeared so the fabric could still stretch between the lettering. 

We had a great time. Now it’s over & we’re back home but hopefully every time these vests get worn it will be a little reminder of the fun we all had😃


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