In the bag

My son & his partner are expecting their first baby,to arrive at anytime, so a couple weeks ago we had a baby shower for the mummy to be at our house. 

I wanted to make a gift but wasn’t sure what. My daughter suggested a buggy bag. Not something I’d heard of, but as she explained it was a bag that clips on to the handle of the pram/buggy to keep the little things you might need at hand rather than having to keep undoing the changing bag. Somewhere to put things like keys, a bottle of water for the new mum & a phone. 

Sounded a great idea so off I went on an online search & quickly came up with this great Tutorial

Knowing that I could make in blue I found some spotty brushed Cotton from a remnant store for the lining & a lovely Twill fabric from Stone Fabric for the outer side. (This fabric sold out really quick. When I went back for a little more it was gone but the lovely lady rooted through the discarded samples bag & found me just enough to complete my project 😃) 

I opted to not put zipped pockets inside but made a small purse to place inside & added a clip strap that could be used to connect the purse or a key. The purse was an adapted Clematis Wristlet where I changed the wriststap so it was fixed but included a d-ring. 

My final step was to add a little bit of detail with my great Embroidery Machine

It was a relatively quick make but with the house sorting & scone making for the afternoon tea shower I didn’t quiet get it finished in time but it has been gifted now so come on grandbaby you can make your entrance! 

Product testing

Have you seen my latest makes for Minerva Crafts… 

I have tested another couple of their products & you can now see what I made on their blog😊

Tiny Tots Yarn A cute little cardi for grandbaby which is due this month😃

Cork fabric I had so many ideas for this great fabric. 

Back to testing the next two products to share with you soon!