Well done to everyone that’s made an entry into this years Simplicity Challange.  All the entries I’ve seen so far on social media are looking fantastic & I think the judges ate going to have a hard job. 

After sadly not managing an entry last year I was really excited to see the choice of categories this year and couldn’t resist the Vintage option for myself. What a great pattern.

I love the hemline and feminine shape of the pencil skirt, plus that style of halter neck top has been a favourite for me. 

Style wise I wanted to make them both in the same fabric so they would look like a dress when worn together. I made a visit to Fabricland and bought this Stretch cotton. If you read my Mother of the Bride blog last year you may recognise the print! 

Of course I bought this before thinking about the fact that the top called for a stretchier fabric. To overcome this I decide to do a shirred elastic back so it could still be pulled on without an opening & fastening. 

To do this I measured the front pattern pieces and fitted the paper pattern to myself to check the fit. Personally this just ment cutting a bigger size as it wasn’t going to be able to stretch much. For the back panel I used the correct pattern piece but cut it on a fold, placing extra width in the centre back to allow for the ease to put the top on. 

Now to start the lines of shirring elastic. I’ve done this loads of time before on my previous machine. That had a bobbin that you placed in a case with a tension screw on it so I easily tightened that tension to get the stretch. Now I have a machine that the bobbin just dropped in so a whole evening was used up just trying to get the stitch anywhere near right. Then just as I thought I’d sorted it I ran out of the elastic😩

New reel & better luck the next evening…stitching went perfect. All was going great until I realised that sewing was perfect enough to make the previous nights attempt look a bit saggy. In came the unpicker.  Got there in the end but realised there can be quiet a bit of difference in the brands of elastic so will remember to buy plenty of one type  before starting for my next attempt. 

Finally finished I’m really happy with my neat little rows and the way it pull the garment in. 

My only alteration to the skirt was to add a second layer to the bottom frill. Using an organza I used the same patternpiece but cut the hem edge on the fold of the fabric to give a slight puffball look when it was added (yep showing my age there with the puffball skirt reference!) Not having to do a hem it added enough length to peep out. 

Entry complete 🎉


Sunday Sevens 

Having been away from my blog for a while I thought I’d do a Sunday Sevens this week to try & get back into the habit! (Sunday Sevens is the great idea from Natalie at Threads & Bobbins)

Work has been hectic, everyone wanting new summer styles, but I have managed to squeeze a few other things in! 

I have been sewing & knitting but nothing to share at mo as it’s all been pattern & product testing, hopefully I’ll get some me sewing done this weekend. 

It was my mums birthday so I took her out for the day to the lovely Hotel Endsleigh near Tavistock. The Gardens were as amazing as the lunch

Two days later our grandson decided to make his early entry into the world. A dinky little gorgeous bundle 😍 I think he found all nannas photo taking boring! 

The other 2 grandchildren came for a sleepover & we made a cake together for them to take around for the new baby 

We are currently dog sitting so we have these two for the week. On a visit to see my daughter they had a fantastic time chasing each other around the garden….didn’t hear a peep from them all the way home. 

Having dogs in the house has ment some early morning strolls around the fields. 

And evening walks by the water. 

Walks of course means there has to be tea stops too. 

Hopefully we will get out walking again today but currently the doggies forecast is its horrible out there😂

In the bag

My son & his partner are expecting their first baby,to arrive at anytime, so a couple weeks ago we had a baby shower for the mummy to be at our house. 

I wanted to make a gift but wasn’t sure what. My daughter suggested a buggy bag. Not something I’d heard of, but as she explained it was a bag that clips on to the handle of the pram/buggy to keep the little things you might need at hand rather than having to keep undoing the changing bag. Somewhere to put things like keys, a bottle of water for the new mum & a phone. 

Sounded a great idea so off I went on an online search & quickly came up with this great Tutorial

Knowing that I could make in blue I found some spotty brushed Cotton from a remnant store for the lining & a lovely Twill fabric from Stone Fabric for the outer side. (This fabric sold out really quick. When I went back for a little more it was gone but the lovely lady rooted through the discarded samples bag & found me just enough to complete my project 😃) 

I opted to not put zipped pockets inside but made a small purse to place inside & added a clip strap that could be used to connect the purse or a key. The purse was an adapted Clematis Wristlet where I changed the wriststap so it was fixed but included a d-ring. 

My final step was to add a little bit of detail with my great Embroidery Machine

It was a relatively quick make but with the house sorting & scone making for the afternoon tea shower I didn’t quiet get it finished in time but it has been gifted now so come on grandbaby you can make your entrance! 

Product testing

Have you seen my latest makes for Minerva Crafts… 

I have tested another couple of their products & you can now see what I made on their blog😊

Tiny Tots Yarn A cute little cardi for grandbaby which is due this month😃

Cork fabric I had so many ideas for this great fabric. 

Back to testing the next two products to share with you soon! 


As the summer started I began thinking of casual dresses I could wear with my wellies at the approaching Glastonbury and spotted the #sewtogetherforsummer theme on instagram, a shirtdress, perfect…..unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to finish it in time for either! 

I decided to go for this raglan sleeve shirt dress by Salme as I liked the simple style without the normal button front closure of many shirt dresses. 

This was a pattern I picked up last year as a pattern swap at a meet up. I hadn’t heard of the company before. 

Having raglan sleeves and no fastenings it was a straightforward make when I actually got around to putting it together! I’m glad I took the time to read through all the instructions before I started, making  note that pattern includes only 1cm seam allowance. 

I like the shape of the neckline & the gathered detail at the top of the sleeve where it joins the collar. 

However I’m not sure this style is something I would make again. I don’t think the loose fit, pulled in with a belt, is the most flattering shape for me. It may also be that the cotton fabric I used is a little too crisp. 

Having worn a couple times now I find it a lovely cool, comfortable dress which think looks better with leggings than on its own. 

Maybe it would be better a bit shorter? Or a lot shorter…….as a shirt to tuck into jeans instead? 😃

Sunday Sevens catch up…

It’s all been busy busy with me so my Sunday Sevens seem to be coming more of a monthly catch up than a weekly glimpse.

While we were at Glastonbury we took a walk though a wooded area that had lovely sculptures and mirrors cut out into the silhouettes of people. It was very strange! Can you see the two figures in this pic, one with Mr B’s reflection? 

We had a great time there & saw rather a lot of the car park when we came to leave. It took nearly 4 hours to get out so hence I set the cooker back up & made tea and a snack while we relaxed in the sun & read. 

Back from Glastonbury we had Mr B’s birthday to celebrate. He was away on the day so was welcomed home with a birthday bun when he got home late the day after…

and taken out to dinner at the weekend. It was a lovely meal but only took a pic of the cheese board we shared at the end and my glass of very smooth Cider Brandy.

While we waited for out transport home we were treated to a firework display across the water……hadn’t seen anything advertised so they must have done them especially for us 😃

The weather has been lovely so we have made the most of it when we can. Luckily we live close to the coast so get to enjoy these lovely views as a reward for the effort of walking up & down the hills. 

It does work up an appetite but cake doesn’t count if you have already burnt the calories before you eat it, does it? 

Hope your enjoying sunny weather wherever you are😃