Dressed to celebrate

I wonder if many people follow the tradition of making a christening gown from their wedding dress?

My daughter loved the idea but there was NO chance I was getting my hands back on the Wedding Dress I had made for her a couple years ago πŸ˜‚

I had of course squirrelled away all the scraps of left over fabric so when it was decided my little grandson needed a christening outfit I just about squeezed a little romper suit out of the satin fabric after a game of pattern piece Tetris!

Using Butterick 6045 I made the suit but omitted the frill around the collar and the centre front buttons. It was fastened on the back with small flat buttons and press studs were used on the bottom opening. This in hindsight was a mistake as he’s a little wriggler so they kept popping open. If I was making again I’d put buttons here too.

The narrow pin ticks on the bodice section added a simple and neat detail.

I had forgotten how fiddly it can be making little clothes especially setting in those little sleeves.

It was worth the effort though as he looked so cute in it and was a little angel all day enjoying every moment of being the centre of attention. 😍

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