It’s been an extra busy week at work so wasn’t sure I’d actually taken many pics.

 Last weekend we were dog sitting the lovely Lola, a staffie who’s a real lady! Her idea of a nice day was cuddling up with Mr B on the sofa watching rugby or taking over our bed. I did however manage to drag her away from being tickled for a lovely 4 mile walk through the woods towards the coast. She didn’t like the mud but was happy to have a paddle in the stream. 

Of course Tuesday was Valentine’s Day but as Mr B was going to be travelling back to work on that day we decided to have our romantic meal on Monday…bubbly, fire, Chinese take-away….perfect. 

As it happened I ended up having a space at work on the Tuesday afternoon so he stopped off at the salon on his drive back for a spot of afternoon tea😃

We have had some very misy mornings making some interesting view on the daily drive. 

This weekend started with a charity fashion show. It’s was the spring/summer range of the designer range we stock in the salon, ID Fashion, so was great to see the new pieces. 

We made our first visit to a wine bar (I say first visit as we already thought of returning today) and enjoyed an amazing bottle of New Zealand wine. They also gave the option to taste a variety by giving the glass & a charge card for you to wander along the vast selection of dispensers where you could choose the measure you wanted. Forgot to take a pic of that but I did take one of our choice so we remember the name. 

The week has ended with another lovely walk (well I needed to work off all that food & drink somehow) and that mist was sweeping in again…. we watched it while eating another scone, oops😃

Nanna sewing😃

Although I’ve known for a few weeks  it’s only this week that my son & his girl friend have announced to the world that they are expecting their first baby in August. Exciting news…. grandchild number 3 for us & first grandchild for her parents. It’s been difficult to keep quiet about it! 

I decided to do some secret sewing to give them a little gift after the first scan. Having found a lovely cotton jersey at Stone Fabrics, that I thought suitable for boy or girl, I decided to go for a little selection. 

All of these were made from free patterns on-line. 

The Stretchy hat with top knot is a favourite that I have made before, when my grand daughter was born. It quick & easy to do & super cute on! 

Cute little dribble bibs are a must for any baby.  This free Pattern is available in 3 sizes so I’m sure this is the first of many I’ll be making. 

I wasn’t sure about shoes but when I saw these little Kimono Baby Shoes I knew they would complete the set. 

Having bought half a metre of fabric I now just need to decide what to make with the rest of it as this took such a small amount. Waiting for the next 6 months to pass I sure there will be plenty more baby sewing & maybe a spot of nanna knitting too😃

Wrinkly Tee😃

Dec/Jan  issue of Make it Today Dressmaker included this great pattern for a close fitting dress or t-shirt, just what my wardrobe needed. 


I like the way it has wrinkles around the middle area (created by elastic sewn to the seam allowance) which help cover a multitude of sins! 

This top is a quick make with only 5 pieces & I did the whole construction with a stretch machine stitch.  The only part I did different was the neck band. It should have been turned under and top stitched so it didn’t show but rushing I didn’t read the instructions properly. It seemed to work ok so I left it but on the next one I will make sure I do it properly as I think it will sit better. 

I wore this top a lot while I was away & the weather was cold as its ideal to layer up and is a great length that doesn’t ride up. 

I can see this pattern becoming a wardrobe basic for me. 

If you read this issue of Dressmaker you may have also noticed me & my daughter sneaking onto the latest makes page😊


On my last Sunday Sevens we were half way through our trip to Bulgaria and loving the snowy scenes. We made a trip on the cable car to the top of the mountain which gave such amazing views that went on for miles. It was a cloudy day down at the resort but we got well above it 

We really enjoyed our trip & it’s on the list to go back to. Would really like to see the mountains in the summer too. 

Back home the drive to & from work has given me some lovely landscapes too. 

Lunch with my daughter & son in law meant a chance to look through some more wedding pics they had received. So many more lovely ones and I think this has to be a new favourite of the dress. 

The rainy week has been brightened up with the first signs of spring.

It’s been a busy week at the work so the time has past really quickly again. One client even spent the whole day with me but she thought the finished result was worth it😃 

Today is a relaxing day, the cobwebs have been blown away with a cold visit to the coast & it’s time for a cuppa. 

January Jumper Dress

With the start of the year so many sewing challenges have appeared on social media, I like the look of them all but I’ve realised I need to be realistic as to how much time I can spend sewing and be selective. To make  things I actually need to fill gaps in my wardrobe and to attempt to use the growing mountain of patterns I already own. 

When I saw Project sew it I liked the fact it just has a theme each month, January is sweaters.  I wanted a top that was cosy but could be layered so found a heavy cotton jersey in my fabric stash and thought it would be great for a long jumper that could be layered up & worn with jeans or leggings. This New Look pattern that came free with Sew mag has a great cocoon shape . 

Making view A  I shortened the pattern by 4″ and added a braid detail (instead of zips as suggested in view B)

Picking up the contrast colour for the buttons & topstitching too. 

This is a nice easy pattern to sew up, with few pattern pieces, and so comfortable to wear. I did the facings option which was a bit of mistake as it feels a little bulky with the thick fabric so I may take this off & redo with a binding edge instead. 

I made it ready for a trip to Bulgaria and was perfect to wear to dinner in the snowy mountains with a cosy matching snood made with the remnants! 

It’s sunday

Can’t remember when I last got around to doing a Sunday seven, weeks have been passing so quickly, and I’ve just realised as I’m sitting here catching up on reading posts that it is Sunday & I have time to look back at my week😃

My week starting with babysitting the grandkiddies on Sunday so their parents could go to the cinema. Part of the day was spent making meringues. 

Grandpa then had to test the mixture which they thought was very funny. 

Unfortunately they weren’t quiet ready before they left so I had to visit them on Monday for the decorating stage and the taste test. 

There was some time for speed sewing as well before we took a trip. Haven’t managed to take pics of the items yet but will be blogging soon. My guest post for Minerva Crafts went live too. 

On Wednesday we flew off to Bulgaria to celebrate my friends 40th birthday.  We explored the snow covered streets of Sofia 

On her actual birthday we danced as it started in a bar she used to work at then after a relaxing day started again for her party in the rooftop bar of the hotel we stayed in. 

It’s been great visiting a new place with a local, she has introduced us to the regional foods & drinks.

We have now moved up into the mountains for a few days. I’m currently sat in the sun on the balcony, relaxing after walking in the snow all morning. We don’t ski ourselves but it’s so beautiful here that we may be convinced to return & have a go one day😃

Sparkling snowflakes

I haven’t seemed to have managed to get much sewing done in the last couple months but thought I’d share my quick Christmas decoration idea. 

If you read my last post you will see I made a hairvine from jewellery wire and beads so this gave me an idea to use up the bits left…..sparkly snowflakes. 

I’ve used 4mm Jewellery wire and a selection of different sized beads. Cutting a length approx 50cm I folded in half making a loop then twisted the wires together for about an inch before threading a bead along one end. 

Holding the bead about an inch along wire I folded it back on itself then twisted to along to end of previous twisted section. 

Repeated the process. 

With the last section I simply pushed the end of the wire into the centre of the twists to hide.

1st of many completed 

They are currently twinkling in my salon window😃 Merry Christmas everyone🌲